07 November 2009

SUPERBLOG gear review

I went to MEC today. I remembered some advertisement from a magazine about a folding helmet, so I made an inquiry with the friendly help. Indeed, MEC has folding helmets!

The problem is this: the folding helmet reduces the volume of the helmet by a small amount (not as much as I'd hoped), but the folding helmet felt significantly heavier than the helmet I already have. I won't be buying a folding helment.

I'll stick with my strategy of avoiding helmets whenever possible, which is most of the time. For rock climbing or skiing that seems like it might involve some objective danger (falling objects), I'll take my light helmet. For a long approach, it seems like the light helmet strapped to the outside of the pack will serve me better than a heavier helmet that, while it may fold, would still occupy way too much space in the pack.

The pussy is really happy and I'm going to scratch my ski bases tomorrow.


04 October 2009

Warm Days and Memories

I'm finally home in Vancouver and there's definitely a chill in the air. Here's a picture from southern France last week.

Ivan fait le grand saut

Vive la belle vie Mediteranée!

04 September 2009

Big Ballin'

I'm trying to get ready for some work and play in Europe here, losing my mind like normal, and I went to the bank today. Extra exchange fees on each transaction really bother me. Thought I'd get some Euros. All they had was this, the biggest single bill I've ever had:

Note the reading material. Yeah.

19 August 2009

Fun that goes Squish!

It's a new trip report on Ski Sickness! It's more fun than you can lick without pausing to take a drink!

North North Arete, Angel's Crest, and Great Game

14 August 2009

Mmmmmm Rat Chow!

Watch what kinda rat chow you eat! Ha ha ha.

NY times blog article

Choose your high-performance foods accordingly? Clearly, it's all about that sweet milk....

13 August 2009

BOOM go the particles

And now for something different. More than you ever wanted to know about two particles colliding and transmuting into two different particles:
Relativistic two-body kinematics

The equations are so beautiful and precise. It's like an immaculate layback with a positive, sharp edge to grip and nice texture for the feet. It's not overwhelming; just take it one step at a time and work through it. It's all so exhilirating!

10 August 2009

Flashback to the Boving Route

Three years ago, when Ross and I were climbing together pretty often. This is Ross leading the spectacular double-roof pitch on the Boving Route, South Early Winters Spire, Washington Pass, North Cascades Highway, Washington.

Hope life's treating you well, surfer dude.